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We're not a brand - we're a movement. We're a community for outdoor enthusiasts, but even more so for those who aren't quite there yet. 

We've spent the last 10 years helping thousands of folks from all over the world plan and conquer paddling, hiking, and backpacking trips in our backyard, the Allegheny National Forest region of the Pennsylvania Wilds. It's through these experiences that one thing is certain: amazing things happen when we get outside. Sometimes that means leaving our comfort zone for a trip in the backcountry, other times it may be a walk around a local park. Either way, we've found that being out in nature gives us a fresh perspective, awakens the senses and reminds us that we're a part of something much larger than ourselves. 

For those of you coming here to find a little inspiration to get out there, you may find what you need to Get Inspired