Finding Our Park - Yosemite Teaser Trailer

There are certain places with such natural beauty, they instantly make our problems seem very small, and remind us we're a part of something much larger than ourselves. Yosemite is one of those places. We hope this will inspire you to get outside and explore as well.

After being serenaded by prairie dogs in Badlands, backpacking in the Tetons, catching a sunrise on Crater Lake, and camping on the Pacific Ocean in Redwoods, we found ourselves driving into Yosemite Valley. What an amazing adventure with family. Our kids made sure the "most important" part of our trip to Yosemite - the GIANT pine cone - was included in this clip (lol). Be sure to look closely at the Half Dome sunset... it'll give you an idea of how tiny we really are. 

Part one of four, this trailer teaser is part of our short film about our 9,000-mile, 31-day adventure around the US, exploring National Parks. Oh the adventure...

Music: Adrain Sood. Courtesy of