We're blazin' a trail across the US! Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois. By the time we crossed the border into Iowa we were in dire need of a good breakfast and a break from non-stop driving.

We stopped at a little diner in Waterloo, Iowa where we found out we were only a short distance from the memorial site of where the plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper went down. Punched 315th Street in the GPS and away we went. For the next hour we gave the kids a history lesson in music, listening to all three and answering the occasional question.   

Finally arriving at 315th Street, a dirt road surrounded by cornfields in every direction, we spotted the famous black glasses. A short hike through a cornfield brought us to the crash site and a small memorial for all aboard the plane that stormy night. We observed a moment of silence, talked about how all three were such game-changers in music, and headed back to the car.

315th Street, Iowa. You know you've arrived when you see the glasses.

Fresh air - check. Legs stretched - check. Setting our sites on Badlands National Park. South Dakota or bust!